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Growing up, my family canned a lot of food and we still do.  From my grandparents, to my parents, and now to my own family.  It’s a great way to preserve food so you can enjoy it throughout the year.  Plus if you have a garden it’s a wonderful way to enjoy fresh veggies in the winter.  So I was very excited to learn that Ball® devoted an entire day to canning! 

On Saturday August 1st, Jarden Home Brands will host this year’s fifth annual Can-It-Forward Day, broadcast live online at from 11AM – 4PM EST from the new state-of-the-art Jarden Home Brands headquarters in Fishers, Indiana. An event celebrating the joys of fresh preserving, Can-It-Forward Day encourages gardeners & food enthusiasts across the country to celebrate what “Made From Here” means to them by fresh preserving their favorite local ingredients in peak season. The webcast will have an integrated chat function where consumers can submit their home canning questions to be answered in real time. New this year, there will also be an exciting celebrity mason jar auction unveiled during the webcast!  Share your home canning creations, tips and tricks via social media with the hashtag #canitforward.

How exciting is that?   I love learning as much as I can so I look forward to tuning into this and I was so excited to tell you all!  While we’re waiting for the day to arrive Ball® was kind enough to send me a gift package so I could do some canning in style and show you all the great products they offer.  Here’s what it included:



Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving: The new 37th edition of the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving is the most trusted resource in home canning for over 100 years and this new 2015 release is its largest update since the first edition in 1909.  Expanding 56% from the previous edition, the 37th edition of the Ball Blue Book includes 75 new recipes, pictorial step by step guides for beginners and more!



633461_e1  Design Series Lids (red + purple): Great not only for home canning, the Ball® Brand Design Series Lids With Bands are also a great option for unique crafting creations, gifts and home décor with endless mixing and matching possibilities.







Heritage Collection Pint jars

Heritage Collection Quart jars

These new limited edition Regular Mouth pint and Wide Mouth quart jars are a celebration of the 1915 heritage featuring a vintage-inspired purple color and embossed logos on front and back.




Sip & Straw Lid (red, blue + purple): Fitting perfectly atop any Wide Mouth and Regular Mouth Ball® Jar, you can enjoy every drop of  your favorite cold drinks, smoothies or summer tea with a splash of  color.




What a neat collection!  I love Ball® jars because the quality is superb and I know I’m getting a great product every time.  I’m so happy that I received some of their new products; I enjoyed using the colored jars, lids and rims because they made my canning even more enjoyable and once I was done everything looked so pretty! 


The kids and I loved the new Sip & Straw lids.  They used them for their beverages,


and I put my creamer into one and now use that. 

Ball Canning Jars

 Isn’t that cute!

Ball Canning Jars

Would you like to start your collection with a case of jars?  I hope so because I have a coupon for one free case!  Leave a comment and let me know if you’re a pro at canning or just a beginner, you can also say what you like to can.


Join Us Aug. 1 From 11am-4pm EST
To Celebrate The Joys of Fresh Preserving

The contest is open to U.S. residents and will end on 8-6-15; winner will be notified via email.
I was provided with a gift package from Ball® and the opinions expressed are my own.
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  1. 2

    Katy P says

    I am a beginner. I have canned green beans, tomatoes, and apples- that’s all so far. I hope to learn more though!

  2. 6

    Susan T says

    I am no pro that’s for certain! There’s always something new to to can. Mainly I can jams and tomatoes and pickles. I love this color purple!

  3. 7

    Karen H says

    I’ve been canning for 30 years. Mainly green beans and tomato based items. Sometimes apple pie filling, apple sauce and pears. Last year I tried pickled beets….delicious.

  4. 9

    theresa mcewin says

    I take salads to work in jars. Right now I’ve got nearly my entire office bringing in salads and other entrees for lunches. We share ideas and recipes! It’s totally transformed our lunch hour - we’resaving money and it’s alot healthier too.

  5. 10

    Margot C says

    I think I’m a pro, or a home-pro or something. I used to do it when I was a kid and for the last 3 years I’ve been making tons of jam. People seem to really like it too.

  6. 11

    Kimberly says

    I used to spend summers canning with my grandmother all of my grandpa’s goodies from the garden. Now I spend my time canning items to send to my husband during deployments so he and other airmen can have a bit of “home away from home”. Nothing lifts the spirits like a hot bowl of homemade veggie soup!

  7. 12

    LeAnn says

    Love canning jars… Love using them for home canned goodies, storage, drinking, to go salads, decor…. just love em

  8. 16

    Amy Harris says

    never canned before, but in my summer of teaching my daughter how to cook before she moves into her first college apartment, we are going to learn how together by starting with our favorites pickles and jam (separately - not together, although……) we can’t wait to start!

  9. 17

    June Desrochers says

    I have many fond memories of canning loads of tomatoes with my mother. I recently started canning my own jams and pickles.

  10. 18

    Debbie Baig says

    I grew up on the farm and we canned so much stuff. My Grandma taught me to can. I love the new ways mason jars are used today for other things beside canning.

  11. 23

    amber says

    Not a pro but i love to can pickles,tomatoes, my home made jellies and salsa plus i use masin jars for everything candle holders decorations glasses there amazing i absolutely love them!!!!

  12. 24

    Dolores says

    I have never canned but would like to start, save money by not throwing away foods, and have my family eating heathier.

  13. 25

    Amanda says

    I like to make sauerkraut and oven dried tomatoes with produce from the garden! Also fresh salsas and pickled peppers. I am a beginner canner, I have yet to really “can” something in a water bath. All my creations go in the fridge

  14. 28

    Julie Sesto says

    Love Ball jars! New to canning but I use them in so many different ways, in every room of the house. Even used them to decorate and hold floral arrangements in our March wedding!

  15. 29

    Karen D says

    I used, to can a lot, but when we moved, my husband gave away my jars, and I want to start again.

  16. 30

    Karen G. says

    I’m just a beginner. Made bread and butter pickles a few years ago. Also, raspberry jam. If I had central air in the house, I would do a lot more but right now I just do a little when I get the urge.

  17. 31

    Phyllis Zarnas says

    I started canning with my mom when I was eight. I would climb our fruit trees and pick fruit with my sister. Then help mom peel, etc. it was so hot in the kitchen, as in Ohio, in the 50-60s there was no air conditioning. Well, in the winter, it was awesome when mom made fried apple or peach pies. Now, in Fl, I love canning My strawberry jam for gifts at my tea parties. Thank you.

  18. 33

    Julie Ludwig says

    I have been canning for years! Grew up watching and helping and learning from my mom and grandparents! I can venison, chicken, sauces, tomatoes, salsa,pickles,saurkraut,jelly,beans,soups, …etc… the list goes on! Totally enjoy canning!!!

  19. 34

    Sherry W says

    I grew up helping & learning the art of canning from my mom but I did not continue once I left the nest. Now that life is slowing down and my boys are teenagers I have filled my time with home gardening and started up canning again….and I’m excited to realize it’s like riding a bicycle!!! I just processed 3 batches of pickles with green beans, tomatoes and sweet corn on my “to-do” list for this weekend. I absolutely love it!!!

  20. 35

    Marissa C. says

    I tried to can our home grown cucumbers to make pickles last summer, but the results were TERRIBLE. They were so bad that we ended up giving out the jars as “gag” gifts for the last year.

  21. 37

    Dandi D says

    I suppose you would call me a pro. I’ve at least done it enough to know what I’m doing and I love it! My favorite things to can are pickles, apple butter and tomato soup.

  22. 38

    Sandy Headtke says

    I do very limited canning, refrigerator pickles and veggies and jams. Would love to be able to store these foods in the pantry.

  23. 39

    Bonnie says

    Used to can a lot but due to illness last year I couldn’t do any. Hoping to do more now that I’m better. I like making all kinds of fruit jellies, pickles and I love canned string beans and canned tomatoes. Been wanting to try canned meat. My grandmother used to can pork meat and beef too I think.

  24. 46

    Susan Hatcher says

    I am definitely not a pro. I do a little relish and that is about it. Would love to win. Thanks.

  25. 53

    Patrisha Meagher says

    I’m a excited beginner. I just made cowboy candy today! Seen so many happy posts about it, I knew I needed to try. Loved it! I enjoy the learning process as well as the eating process.

  26. 55

    Rhonda Craig-Schwarz says

    I am an experienced canner who has been on a break after much life transition. Feeling better and looking forward to drowning in this wonderful process again. My grandmother first taught me to can lovely little jars filled with homegrown jam, so this is always a seasonal musts-do.

  27. 57

    Stacey wood says

    I’m an advanced beginner! I just started pressure canning and we have a bunch of community garden plots! I made dill and sweet mix pickles, pickled peppers, pickled eggs, pickled beets, dilly beans, squash relish, zucchini pineapple, jam, tomato sauce, salsa, whole tomato, potato, green beans, peas, chili, and sloppy Joe sauce!

  28. 59

    Brenda Haines says

    I can every year with my mom. I hardly think I’m a pro, but I like to think I know what I’m doing by now. :)

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