Strawberry Quick Bread

I’m so happy to share another recipe from Mandy’s Recipe Box!  Mandy has loads of delicious recipes on her blog.  You got to check them out.  I’m a big fan of quick breads and summer is the perfect time to enjoy this one!



I had lots of strawberries to use up and found this recipe from All Recipes and had to try it. Excellent. It would be perfect for a picnic or family gathering. Or just because you want to make it and eat it up.



Thanks for sharing your recipe with us, Mandy!


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  1. 1

    That looks so moist and delicious - an excellent choice for fresh strawberries. It’s hard to believe only 7 ingredients too. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. 2
    Terri S. says:

    This strawberry quick bread looks delicious. I have plenty of strawberries and will make one for my family plus several more to give one to my MIL, one to my sister and one to my elderly neighbor to brighten their day. I’m going to check Mandy’s Recipe Box now. Thanks Jane!

  3. 4

    Yum. I have a party coming up this weekend and I may just make a loaf of this to bring with me. I am quite sure it will be a big hit!

  4. 5

    Mmmm, this would yummers!

  5. 6

    Thanks for sharing this on your site! It really is so moist and delicious. I think I need to make it again soon!

  6. 8

    I need to try this - it sounds amazing!!!

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