My Mother’s Day Gifts!

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I had a great Mother’s Day!  My husband Dave got me some fun cooking pet-related gifts.  Check them out on my new dog blog HERE.


Matthew got me these 2 coffee decorations for my new kitchen!

I’ll show you a better picture of them on the wall when I do a post on my kitchen remodel.

IMG_1068  IMG_1067

Matthew was planning on sleeping over his friend’s house Saturday night, but he came home at midnight when I was in bed and started making all kinds of noise in the kitchen.  When I got up in the morning, this is what I found on the kitchen counter!



It was so sweet! His card touched my heart!


I woke up and saw these beautiful flowers and got the most touching card I ever got from Andrew!



It was the best Mother’s Day!

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    Those are the best gifts a foodie Mom could ask for! Love all your gifts! The boys are very thoughtful. So glad you had a wonderful Mother’s Day Jane! :) Now to see what Parker is up to! :)

  2. 2


    SOOO very sweet - I think there’s no better gift than thoughtfulness, and giving of oneself. Seems all your gifts fit those categories! How very wonderful. You have raised some very thoughtful boys. So tickled to know your day was so special.

  3. 3


    You have a wonderful family and have raised your childen well as it has comes back to you in rewards. God has greatly blessed you and your family and the love shows in your family. What beautiful and thoughtful boys you have raised and a nice husband that is so thoughtful and kind. You had a good Mother’s Day and you deserve it as you make us Mother’s shine all through the year with your posting of delicious recipes and give-a-ways. Is that Banana Bread Matthew made for you? It looks so good and tasty. Wonder if he gives out his recipe? It looks so good I would like to make it for myself. (*:*)

    • 3.1

      Jane says

      Thank you so much Elizabeth! You’re so sweet! Yes, that is Banana Nutella Bread. I think Matthew said he got the recipe on If you like Nutella, you’d love it!

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