Mixed Berry Jam

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With my recent review of Sherri Brooks Vinton’s Cookbook Put ‘em Up!, it got me thinking of my own jam recipes. My Mixed Berry Jam is good on anything!  I love the taste of the three different berries and the deep red color!  I just went blueberry and raspberry picking a few days ago so this was the perfect time to can my favorite jam.  Give this recipe a try.  You’ll love it!



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    Okay, YUM!! I saw this and meant to come over here and link up…I will do it later today, promise! And thanks so much for sharing with Two for Tuesdays…this is perfect =)

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    Oh to have three different kinds of fresh berries! Who could resist such a perfect little jar of heaven. Thank you for stopping by the blog hop at Two for Tuesday. We love home canners!

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    I would love to give your 3 berry jam a try. I love to can!!! I am going to give the tomatillo salsa a try I have so many in the garden. TY for letting me link up I always love too.

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    I love your jam. Anything berry is our favorite. I had a banner year in my raspberry patch and I think I just might have to make another couple of jars to water bath can.

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    Hi Jane and welcome to the two for tuesday recipe blog hop! I came over here to welcome you and realized I had a recipe for YOUR link up! I adore making sauerkraut. My version is lactofermented and so you HAVE to store it in the fridge eventually unless you process it which will kill off the good bacteria. I do can tomato sauce, fruits and jelly as well, but dont have a post about it! Thanks for allowing me to share with your readers. I grabbed your RSS feed so I can get to know you better through your posts! :) alex@amoderatelife

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    Janine says

    I made some of this most wonderful jam this weekend - ok, 18 jars and my 4 year old is in LOVE. He has had to have 2 pb&j sandwiches each day. I actually had to go and get more bread today. My favorite receipe by far and super easy. Thank you for sharing!!

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    Thanks so much for posting this recipe!!! I found it through a search for mixed berry jam. I used 2 C Blackberries, 2 C White Raspberries & 1 C Red Raspberries. OMG~~it came out so delicious!! I had bought the fresh berries in the Summer at a local Farmer’s Market & stashed them in the freezer until I had time to make jam.


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