The Healthy Side of Me

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You guys know I LOVE all kinds of food, but there is also a healthy side to me.  I’m thinking of adding an occasional post to my blog called “The Healthy Side of Me” so I can share some healthy tips and food products that I’m into.

I usually try to drop a few pounds in the Spring (so I feel more comfortable in shorts and a bathing suit) so here’s a helpful Ap that I have been obsessively using when it comes to selecting more healthy food to eat. I have been telling everyone I know about Fooducate.  I installed this free Ap on my iPhone but you can also look up your favorite foods on their website to see how healthy they are.   They also have an excellent blog that I have subscribed to. The Ap is also available on Android phones.


When you use the Fooducate Ap on your phone, you can scan the bar codes on food and it will give you a letter grade for the product.  When I first got the Ap, I scanned every morsel of food in my kitchen to see what kind of grade it got!  I was a little shocked at some of the results.


In this picture, you can see the scan button in the upper right corner on the iPhone.


All you have to do is hover your phone over the bar code of a product and it will instantly bring up the information.  Some products haven’t been added to the system yet, so if you’re willing to take a photo of the product and ingredients, you can send the photos through your phone to Fooducate.


Look!  My Seasoned Panko Crumbs got a C-!  My Seasoned Whole Wheat Bread Crumbs got a D+!  Yikes!  I thought it would get a better grade than that!

If you click on the “Alternatives” button on the lower right corner it will bring up some better options.  I ended up buying a container of Wegman’s Whole Grain Seasoned Bread Crumbs last weekend that gets a “B!”  I’m moving in the right direction people!

In case you’re wondering where Fooducate gets their nutritional info, check out their blog post on How Fooducate Grades Products.

What do you think about this Ap?  Have you ever used it? Is this something that you would find helpful?


*This is not a sponsored post.  I am simply sharing something that I find helpful to me.  :)


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    That is a really cool ap. Jane. I am going to check it out for the Android. Thanks for sharing! Stumbled as well! :)

    I just got a tip that we shouldn’t be drinking cows milk and make the switch to soy. I wonder how those two compare on this ap?

  2. 2


    I’ve used this app for several months - it’s fairly useful. I’ve switched to almond milk. I think the letter grade is the one aspect that makes me buy or leave something on the shelf at the store.

  3. 5


    Jane - what a fabulous idea! I’m so glad you shared…I am going to check out that app very soon. I need folks like you to help me ‘expand my territory’ in life. =) Yahoo!! I LOVE the idea of you adding a “Healthy Side of Me” too…terrific thought.

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