Mini Meat Loaves

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Now that I’m back to teaching, I need some quick make-ahead meals like this one.  I love having a variety of frozen meals that I can pop into the oven after work!  This recipe is great for several reasons…it’s delicious, easy to prepare, freezes well, and helps with portion control.  I told myself that one mini meat loaf is the perfect size portion for me, but I liked it so much, I ate two!  I’ll try to be better next time!  :)

This recipe makes 16 mini meat loaves.  I froze them in different size portions.  Some freezer bags had 2 mini meat loaves so I can give them to my college son, Matthew, and some bags had 3 for Dave and I when we’re eating alone.  (Andrew is not a fan of meat loaf!)  Give these a try and make your dinner time a little easier!

This recipe has been linked to Pot Luck Sunday at Mommy’s Kitchen.

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    Just printed that one off! I need all the help I can get on finding easy meals that freeze AND make it out to the field for a farmer’s lunch! Thanks!

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    What do you know!? I was going to email you to tell you I made this recipe this week for my daughter’s freezer…only I made meatballs instead. The house smelled sooo good while they were baking, and Deb was very pleased. How appropriate you would post this today. Enjoy your weekend.

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    Patricia says

    Those are adorable! I can’t wait to try it. The hubs is looking over my shoulder drooling so thats prob dinner tonight :)

  4. 9

    Traci Camper says

    What a great idea! I love the sauce my mom makes to put on meatloaf, that was my grandmother’s recipe. I would have to add the sauce to these when ready to eat. It is a tangy mixture of apple cider vinegar, mustard, tomato sauce, and brown sugar. Everyone always wants to know the recipe for it.

  5. 11


    Wow, this is an awesome idea. I’ve always found that when I make a meatloaf, the “slice” sometimes ends up being too much for my boys. These are the perfect size.


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