Melt in Your Mouth Monday (Recipe Blog Hop #146)

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Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas.


I can hardly wait to see your holiday dishes!


Here are the 3 most viewed recipes from 2 weeks ago!



 snowflakes stacked

 Easiest Christmas Chocolates from Organizer By Day


#2P1090988Crispy Christmas Trees from Growing in Grace



Easy_Raspberry_Shortbread_CookiesEasy Raspberry Shortbread Cookies from Melding Magic


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    Mary says

    Thanks for hosting! I’ve been checking these regularly, but this is my first time participating- I added “Cheap and Cheerful Slow Cooker Carrot Soup”. Happy New Year :)

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    Jane, I couldn’t share just one recipe had to share the top 10 from the last year! Wishing you all the best for the New Year. Thanks for hosting!

  3. 13


    I love looking at all the yummy recipes on the link up! What a fun way to see what other’s are cooking up in the kitchen.

    P.S. added your button to our “We Support You” page 😉

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    Thanks for stopping by my recipe blog. All the recipes here are recipes that my family has tried and have liked! If we haven’t tried them, they are not here! If you try any of them, please post a comment and let me know how your family liked them!I am working on updating all the recipes with Recipe Cards! If they are not on here, they are still downloadable from the Media Fire site if you click on another recipe!! Thanks!

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    Wednesday-Daughter requested Stir Fry before she gets on her bottom braces. She wanted a meal full of veggies and protein (such a smart girl) because she knows her mouth is going to be sore for several days. Beef and Snow Pea Stir Fry , ” Veggie Fried Rice ” (not fried but so tasty ) and Crab Rangoons Thursday-Ham & Bean Soup in the Crock PotFriday- Eat out. The kids are in a play and this weekend is the performance. Check out my Recipe Box for menu choices. Have a super weekend! Remember link up menus & recipes. I will pick to to try next week and feature you on my menu plan! Check out menu plans & recipes from 3 Boys and A Do g, Crystal and Company and OrgJunkie .


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