Howdini Video: How To Make Flip Flop Cakes

Have you ever checked out the videos at  They have everything from cooking to How to do Taylor Swift’s Side Swept Messy Updo!  I’m not kidding!  I actually watched it!  :)

Well, the folks at said I could share some videos with you, so I thought you might be interested in these Flip Flop Cakes.  They’re so cute!


How to make flip flop cakes

I was thinking that these cakes could easily be decorated for girls and boys.  And wouldn’t it be fun if you had a small birthday party and the kids got to decorate their own Flip Flop Cakes to take home?!  How fun would that be? I think they’re adorable!

Have you ever made anything like this with your kids?



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    That is where my daughter got the idea for her birthday cake this year. The only issue I had was printing the template from the BC site. It just didn’t look right and could be because I printed it wrong. so I took my flip flops and traced them onto paper. I also learned how to make my own colorful confetti from fondant.

    This was such a fun cake to make and decorate. All of the guest at her party had such nice comments.


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    Great idea… I can see making “miniature” flip flops w/ baby shoe sized templates… oh the possibilities!

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