Fruit Infusion Pitcher by Kitchen Frontier

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Water Infuser (2)

Summer is in full swing and the hot weather is here to stay!  There is nothing more refreshing then an ice cold glass of water, but now you can switch that up by infusing it!  Kitchen Frontier has this new shatter proof acrylic pitcher with a removable insert.  It’s so simple to use and the water tastes delicious!  We put our strawberries and blueberries in and waited the recommended 24 hours before we tried it.  I’ll be honest, it didn’t have much flavor, but another 24 hours later and it was perfect!  The water had a sweet fruit flavor that wasn’t overpowering at all. 

Water Infuser (1)


  • QUALITY BPA-FREE ACRYLIC - It does not have the harmful chemicals found in plastic polycarbonate so it’s truly safe for use. It is also shatter-proof and break resistant making it last longer than other types of water pitcher.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN - The infuser insert removes easily and cleans up easily as well. It also does not make a mess unlike other fruit infusion pitchers. Whatever you put into the infusion column will not spill out all over the place when you pour as the rod stays in place. It requires hand washing for care.
  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT - Unlike other water pitchers, Kitchen Frontier Infusion Pitcher’s clever structure keeps out the fruit seeds and allows you to continuously refill water without having to replace the fruit. The tube can easily be filled with any fruit of your choice and lets the fruit release natural flavour into the water. The fruit can last there for up to a week retaining the fresh fruity flavor. Remove the infusion column to use it simply as a water pitcher.
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN - This clear pitcher is eye-catching in any setting and is a good idea for themed occasions. It is an excellent idea for encouraging both kids and adult to drink more water. Instead of offering sodas or other unhealthy drinks, you can entertain your guests and provide a healthier alternative with this pretty water infusion pitcher.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - This product is covered by the Kitchen Frontier Lifetime Warranty. This covers any issue - even the slightest dissatisfaction. Order now with peace of mind.


Please note I was provided with a pitcher to review!


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