Day Trips to the Beach

The last two Sundays were great!  Dave and I drove up to the beach two Sundays in a row!  I love the sunshine, fresh air, seafood, and time for just the two of us!

I took this picture on our first Sunday at the beach.  This is Hampton State Beach in NH.  I liked this photo so much, I used it for my screen saver.  Click on the photos to enlarge these pictures so you can really appreciate them!

See the rock jedi in the background?  Looks like just a bunch of rocks right?

It’s actually a little tricky climbing all the way to the end and back.  I slipped and fell on one of these boulders and my big toe hasn’t been the same since.

Taking a break at the end of the jedi and enjoying the scenery.

A view of the beach from the end of the jedi.

This is Dave in front of the restaurant we ate at.

The next set of pictures were taken at Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, Maine a few days ago.  I love this area!  The views are amazing, the restaurants are great, they have cute little shops, and the walk along the Marginal Way is so beautiful!

This is the restaurant we ate at.

Cooling off with a beer and a strawberry daiquiri!

Seafood Trio (baked haddock, stuffed shrimp, and scallops)

Our view from the restaurant!  Can you see the people walking above the rocks?  That’s a beautiful path around the bend called the Marginal Way that leads to Ogunquit Beach.  You can’t go to Perkins Cove without taking a stroll on the Marginal Way!

This is one of the many beautiful homes overlooking the ocean on the Marginal Way.  I love adirondack chairs!

A great view from the bridge!

I love to end the day with a few pieces of homemade chocolate at my favorite candy store!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures.  If you’re able to visit the beach where you live, what beach do you like to go to?

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  1. Shannon says:

    Oh, what a beautiful day! I live very close to a lake and love going for a drive around it. I try and do this daily. Thanks for sharing your fun filled day!

    Shannon : )

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