Just when I was starting to see the grass…

I guess it’s our turn to get over a foot of snow! Here in MA it’s not uncommon to get this amount of snow but we really weren’t hit with too many big snow storms this year. The good news…I have the day off from school! The bad news…I have no flour in the house […]

Thank you so much to Pam at A Love for New Recipes! She gave me this beautiful Sunshine Award! Pam is one of the sweetest bloggers I have ever met! The rules for accepting this award are simple, link to the person who gave it to you, and pass it on to 12 other people […]


Semester at Sea Update

It’s been one week since my son left on his voyage with Semester at Sea. He is scheduled to arrive in Hawaii tomorrow. This is a photo of the MV Explorer. It’s considered a “small” ship. Small enough to be bothered by big waves. This is what Matthew said about the waves: “There are two […]

All Aboard!

My husband took this photo of my son Matthew this morning in San Diego, CA. This bus was about to bring him to the MV Explorer, the ship that will take him on a voyage around the world. The parents were not allowed to bring their children to the ship because they had to board […]