Summer Vacation is Here!

Yesterday was our last day of school!  It feels so good to have no set schedule for the next 2 1/2 months!  Besides spending time with my family at the beach, or taking little day trips here or there, I thought I’d share what I love about summer. I love….. 1.  getting up at 7:00 […]

A Decadent Dessert!

I had a great time with family and friends today!  My son Matthew showed us a slide show of his Semester at Sea voyage.  It was so interesting.  I love hearing all of his stories!  His heart seems 10 times bigger since he traveled around the world and had this experience. I made these Peanut […]

Semester at Sea Comes to an End

This post might explain why I haven’t posted any recipes lately.  My son Matthew began his Semester at Sea voyage in January and just returned to Florida last Wednesday! He had the time of his life!  This was his itinerary: * San Diego, CA USA * * Hilo / Honolulu, Hawaii USA * Yokohama / […]