Baked Fish for a Busy Week

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Today’s guest post is from Kimberley at Family Friends Food Fun.  She’s a blogger from my home state (MA) and has some delicious recipes on her site.  Stop by and visit her!

When I saw Kimberley’s fish recipe my eyes lit up!  I love seafood!  Up until this past year, I couldn’t get my husband Dave to eat baked fish.  He would only eat it fried in the restaurants.  I’m thrilled that I can make a dish like this now and not be the only one that eats it.

Enjoy this dish!  It’s delicious!

From Kimberley:

Sometimes I am just too beat to blog.  It’s been a couple weeks since my last entry and it’s not that I don’t want to write, it’s just that I’m busier some weeks more than others.  I teach kindergarten 40 hours a week and commute for another 10.  I get to the gym, do laundry, stop at the market, and cook most every day.  On the days when I’m just too tired to prepare something that takes more than 15 minutes, this recipe never fails.  I can stop at the fish market on the way home from work, prepare it in minutes, serve it with some steamed veggies and Voila! dinner is ready.  And I still have time to do something else. or not.

Living where I do I have access to fresh fish whenever I want because there are fish markets in every town.  Some are better than others, though.  I like Cherry Street Fish Market for their quality, freshness, and customer service.  They can’t be beat.

A simple baked haddock pleases me every time.  When it’s cooked, it’s pure white, flaky, and tastes faintly of the sea.  A little cognac, a sprinkling of crumbs, a few minutes in the oven, and you’re all set.   The crispy crust and the firm fish make a great pairing.  Enjoy.


Thanks for sharing your fish recipe with us, Kimberley!  Visit Kimberley at Family Friends Food Fun and follow her on Facebook and Twitter!

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      Jane says

      They say you should cook fish the day you buy it, so I would just crush the crackers a day ahead, mix it with the garlic powder, and seal it tightly. The rest of the dish will come together in minutes!

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