Apple Recipes from Rouxbe Cooking School

It’s apple-picking season here in Massachusetts!  I can’t wait go to the local orchard to pick some apples for baking and get some fresh apples for my own lunch box!  The most common apples around here are Macintosh, Cortland, and Delicious.  What kind of apples do you have in your area?  I’m hoping to go apple-picking on Saturday.  The weather  looks perfect.  I hear it’s going to be sunny and about 73 degrees!  That’s my kind of weather!  :)

I know one thing that I’m going to make with my fresh apples… Rouxbe’s Warm Apple Cobbler!  I made this a while back and my family devoured it.  I served it warm with some vanilla ice cream!  Yum! Check out the video!

If you’re looking for more great apple recipes, check out these videos from Rouxbe Cooking School!

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    Oh how I miss Massachusetts this time of year. We used to go to the Big Apple in Wrentham every year. I love Cortland apples for baking and eating. We also go to an orchard in Smithfield RI since they had different varieties.

    We don’t have any apple orchards down here in SW Florida, but pleny of Orange Groves a little north of here.


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      Jane Doiron says:

      Hi Lynn,
      I’ve been to Smithfield, RI! Did you ever go to Wright’s Chicken Farm there? So good! :)

      It must be great to have fresh oranges!

      • 3

        Wrights Farm, you bet!!! We used to go to a western shop on Snake Hill Road (I think that was the name)

        Where my son goes to college, there are miles and miles and huge hills (for down here) of orange groves. It smells so wonderful up there.

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