A Busy Day of Cooking

With school a few weeks away (I teach 2nd grade) and my new cookbook being published in the next month, I’m spending my day cooking and freezing as many meals as possible. On the menu today:

Sloppy Joes

Spaghetti Sauce

Chicken and Spinach Stuffed Shells

Baked Manicotti

Chicken Chimichangas

Honey Mustard Chicken Fingers

Marinated Steak

I bought boneless chicken breast yesterday at Stop & Shop for $1.69/lb. !! So I bought about 10 lbs.! I’m going to cut up and freeze some chicken for my Chicken Piccata recipe and pound some chicken flat for recipes like Chicken Parmesan and freeze it in portions to fit my family. Having these meals prepared ahead is like having gold in my freezer!



  1. 1
    Kristi Maloney says:

    I need some gold in MY freezer! Have fun!

  2. 2
    Farrah from The Book Faery Reviews says:

    I have got to take advantage of doing this while I'm looking for work again and the kids go back to school next week! With 3 kids (2 in elementary, 1 starting 1/2 preschool this fall), homework, and sports I'm going to need all the preparation I can do ahead of time.

  3. 3
    Theresa111 says:

    Hi there. When you freeze your chicken recipes, in portions for your family, how long may they stay in the freezer before you must bake them? You can answer in my shout box. Thanks ever so much, and thank YOU for being a teacher! Kudos.

  4. 4
    buy links says:

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